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microlaser peel Gilbert

microlaser peel Gilbert
undereye wrinkles
Treatments microlaser peel Gilbert
undereye wrinkles

extended microlasterpeel and profractional resurfacing

Extended Microlaserpeel

Extended Microlaser Peel - Gilbert Perfect Skin
Before Microlaser Peel Gilbert
After Microlaser Peel Gilbert

A laser peel is the perfect resurfacing procedure for those patients who desire more results than what can be acheived with microdermabrasion or superficial chemical peels. We perform MicroLaser peels on patients from all over Arizona, including Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Queen Creek.

The level of laser peel is individualized to each patient's needs and availability for healing time. By choosing a very light peel, the patient heals quickly, and has a refreshed look to the skin. By selecting a deeper laser peel, the patient heals over several days, and achieves more improvement!!

The Erbium Laser is unique because collagen will be stimulated for months ahead, allowing for continued improvement in wrinkles, texture and sundamage.

A very popular procedure performed here is the Extended MicroLaser Peel. This is a wonderful technique that treats the entire face with a superficial microlaser peel, and then the physician treats the problem areas-around the eyes and mouth area- more deeply. This precisely corrects the lines in those areas, while refreshing the rest of the face!!

Each of our Extended MicroLaser Peels includes a skin care package to maximize your results! This kit contains presription Retin A, SkinCeuticals Vitamin C, prescription Hydroquinone 4% and premium sunblock.

By combining a laser peel with Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm and great skin care products, you can achieve a complete look without surgery!  Are you tired of fine lines and not looking fine? Maybe it's time for you see what this non-surgical laser procedure can offer you.

If you have fine lines, dullness, and sundamage and are looking for results, this laser procedure may be for you! Come in and see if this laser procedure can get you the results you want.

MicroLaser Peel Prices
Extended MicroLaserPeel $1500 and up
includes skin care kit

ProFractional Laser Treatment

-Slows down skin aging
-Rejuvenates skin
-Combines with PhotoFacial for excellent results

This treatment uses the same  traditional Erbium resurfacing laser, but the energy is applied only to a "Fraction" of the skin.

It is like drilling tiny holes, only into a small percentage of the skin. This leaves some of the skin untreated, so healing is very rapid, and pain is very minimal.

ProFractional is ideal for those who cannot tolerate the redness, oozing and pain of traditional resurfacing. It is ideal for generating collagen deep into the skin and preventing the signs of skin aging.

Because only tiny areas are treated at one session, we can treat much deeper into the skin. With traditional resurfacing, treating skin off of the face is a problem because the skin does not heal the way facial skin heals. So body skin was always treated very superficially with minimal results.

With fractional resurfacing, we can safely treat the neck, chest, and other body parts to improve the thin texture of the skin. These treatments are very easy for the patients and offer the best treatment option to improve skin quality in these areas. 3-5 treatments are usually recommended.

Remember, PREVENTION is the KEY. Don't wait until your skin looks like it NEEDS resurfacing.

ProFractional is the ideal yearly preventative treatment!!

microlaser peel
microlaser peel