How do I get rid of Smoker’s Lines?

Smoker'S LinesLines around the mouth can be caused by smoking, drinking from water bottles and straws, or just plain genes. These lines around your mouth look bad when you say “WE” or “ONE”. Take a good look in the mirror and check our your lips.

The real name for smoker’s lines is Lip Lines or Perioral Rhytids. Lets use Lip Lines. Treatment depends on the severity of your lip lines.

Mild or you are just beginning to see them:

  1. PREVENT them from getting worse now.
    1. Small dose of Botox at least 4 times per year.
    2. Ulthera lip treatment 1-2 per year.
    3. Rejuvapen(medical microneedling) 3 X per year.

Moderate, you can see them.

  1. ALL of the above
  2. Juvederm filler may be used to fill them in.

Remember:  Your lip lines will worsen with time. You can choose to DO something or just allow them to become severe and depressing.