Age Spots, Skin Tags
& other Skin Thingies

Skin Tags & Other Skin Thingies

Skin tags are a common flesh-colored bump or tag found mostly around the neck, underarms, groin or under the breasts. Typically less than a 1/4 inch long, these benign lesions can become irritated and torn off. Sometimes they are numerous and can be of many different sizes in one area.
You can clear your body of these bothersome little tags easily and painlessly, usually in just one visit.

Skin Tag Removal Pricing

Age Spots/Sun Damage

Age spots can occur any where on the skin, but are most bothersome on the face and hands. These spots often appear darker on the hands and face where the sun has worsened their appearance. Damage from sun exposure also appears in these areas and the skin looks blotchy, discolored and even pebbly.
Some age spots are raised, thick and pigmented and may actually be Seborrheic Keratosis as discussed above.

Age spots and sun damage often appears as multiple “freckles” or large brown spots & patches.
This type of discoloration responds well to PhotoFacial and chemical peels.

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