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Botox injections are among the most common procedures performed here at Gilbert Perfect Skin. Botox is a purified protein that temporarily weakens muscular contractions at the injection site. Because these excessive muscular contractions are the cause of wrinkles, decreasing this action will soften the look of fine lines.

The FDA approved the use of BOTOX® Cosmetics in 2002 for cosmetic use. However, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists have been using BOTOX® Cosmetics to treat facial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines for over 16 years.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are directly injected into the muscles you want to relax.. BOTOX® enters the nerve endings to block the release of acetylcholine, the chemical that causes muscles to contract. BOTOX® Cosmetic is extremely specific in how it reacts to block the release of acetylcholine so only the muscles Dr. Keefe inject are relaxed.

Without Botox, wrinkles continue to deepen, causing shadows and trapping makeup. By starting Botox injections sooner than later, even deep lines can look softer over time! Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother, creating a more natural and relaxed appearance.

The most common Botox treatment area is between the eyes called the glabella. Some people refer to these lines as “elevens”. These wrinkles become noticable when an individual draws the brows together when concerned, angry, or squinting. Treatment with just 20-30 units of Botox for women, and 35-55 units for men usually relaxes this area nicely.

Many people appear tired or angry when they talk and make facial expressions – this is due to involuntary, excessive facial muscular contractions!! Patients frequently state that friends will ask if they are more rested or have been on vacation after Botox treatments!

Wrinkles around the outer eyes are called “crows feet“, and occur from smiling or squinting. For many patients, softening these lines can make them look much younger. Most patients require 10-30 units of Botox Cosmetic for both sides. So go ahead and smile!!

Is your forehead looking like a grille?? Most people have this area treated with their glabella for a more complete look. Using just an extra 6-20 units of Botox with the area between the eyes can really soften that entire forehead!

Those small lines around the mouth called “smokers lines” are bothersome to many people, and even patients who do NOT smoke. Just a small Botox treatment above the upper lip can control these unattractive wrinkles! Usually just 3-6 units per Botox treatment is enough to calm these wrinkles. This treatment is a must when using laser to resurface around the lips.

So how long does a Botox treatment last? BOTOX Cosmetic injections typically last from 3-6 months. The rare side effects of getting a BOTOX Cosmetic injection, such as a droopy eye, are only temporary. BOTOX Cosmetic injections are a great way to reduce your facial wrinkles. With continued use of BOTOX Cosmetic ,your wrinkles become less and less noticeable and frequently disappear. BOTOX Cosmetic injections are not a permanent solution to wrinkles. You must keep up with your BOTOX Cosmetic treatments or your wrinkles will come back. Most people come in 2-4 times per year for BOTOX Cosmetic injections.

Botox for Brow Lift

For some patients at Gilbert Perfect Skin, a small injection of Botox at the brow can give a subtle lift that can make the eyes appear more wide open. Typically, 5 units per brow is all that is needed to give just a bit of lift!!

Botox for Brows Too High

Some people feel that their brows are too high, or “Spock” like. This can be easily treated with just a few units into the forehead!

Botox for Underarm Sweating

See Dr. Keefe inject Botox for underarm sweating

BOTOX Injection for sweating (Hyperhidrosis) – Eliminate Armpit sweating Today! Are you embarrassed to lift your arms? Are your armpits wet and uncomfortable most of the time? You may have tried every deodorant and anti-perspirant available including prescription strength Drysol. This excessive sweating is termed “hyperhidrosis” and is easily treated with Botox. For over 5 years, it has also been recognized that BOTOX® can dramatically reduce excessive sweating (Botox for hyperhidrosis). Your treatment will start with 50 units per underarm. At one month, you may return to the office if you need more. Most patients require beteen 100 and 150 units of Botox for about 6-7 months of decreased sweating. Imagine no more wet spots on your best shirts!! Cost is $900 for 100 units.

Prices for Botox Underarm Sweating:
$825 100u
$1200 150u
$1525 200u

Botox Cosmetic Q&A

What is Botox Cosmetic?

Botox is a neurotoxin that has been successfully used to paralyze muscles temporarily. Botox is also referred to as botulinum toxin type A. It is manufactured using botulism causing bacteria. Botox works great to reduce the contraction of the muscle by blocking acetylcholine at the level of the nerves in the muscle. It has also successfully been used to treat various health conditions like overactive bladder and urine leakage, which is as a result of nerve disorders and in treatment of certain conditions on eye muscles as a result of nerve disorders.

How does Botox Work on Wrinkles?

By preventing muscle contractions, Botox works by preventing the skin from FOLDING on itself. This constant folding or creasing creates a line over time, or a wrinkle. By relaxing these contractions, we see a softer wrinkle, and over time a healing of the crease. Botox stops you from bringing your brows together, and making a mean face. So Botox not only works quickly, it works to PREVENT wrinkles from getting worse over TIME. The longer Botox is used, the younger the skin can appear. By seeing an experienced injector, the correct dose of Botox Cosmetic will ensure a beautiful result.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The amount or dose of Botox depends on the size of the muscle being injected. Botox is sold in “units”. The bigger the muscle, the more units, the greater the cost per treatment. For example the area between the brows or the “Glabella” or the “11’s” usually requires about 20-25 units in a female. This is about $200-$250 every 3-4 months. Thus, if you have small muscle, you will require few units of Botox than those with large muscles. Botox Cosmetic offers rewards program called Brilliant Distinctions.

How Often Should One Use Botox?

Most patients will need Botox every 3 to 4 months for it to be effective. In some areas, Botox may last longer than in other areas. For example Botox may last 3-4 months between the brows, but just 2 months around the lips. This is because the lip area cannot be fully paralyzed. Some patients like to have Botox injected every 2 months at lower doses for a more natural look all year long. A small percentage of patients feel that after several treatments, less Botox is needed to achieve the same results.

What is Botox Treatment Like?

Each Botox treatment can take between 4 to 5 minutes. Botox is usually injected in the skin using tiny insulin needles. Small red bumps are noticed during the first 15 minutes after Botox treatment. Pictures are taken before treatment to assess improvements. A consent will be reviewed with the patient to answer any questions the patients may have about Botox Cosmetic.

Can You Bruise from Botox?

The answer is yes. Generally, Botox injections are well tolerated and if any bruising occurs, is minimal. Most Botox bruising will last just a few days. Patients can reduce the risk of bruising by avoiding drugs and supplements that increase bruising. These drugs include but are not limited to Motrin (Ibuprofen), Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, warfarin, Heparin and other blood thinners. Before stopping any medications, talk to your doctor. Do not use any ibuprofen or aspirin for a week before your Botox injections to minimize the risk of bruising.


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