At What Age Do We Start Botox?

Botox can safely be used at very young ages and is used in infants over 3 months for
correction of ophthalmological conditions.

So, safety wise it can be USED, but should it?
We do not administer Botox to minors at Gilbert Perfect Skin.
After age 18, if a patient believes Botox Cosmetic is needed. Dr. Keefe will evaluate the severity of the wrinkle.
In some cases, even an 18 year old can have a severe glabellar crease or crows feet that are just hereditary. In this instance, the patient will benefit greatly from Botox treatments.

If a very young adult wants Botox in the absence of any active or resting wrinkles, it is probably not beneficial to the patient.

Botox should be injected based on individual need and discussed with your physician.

At What Age Do We Start Botox

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