What is the best way to treat fine lines?

Fine lines usually appear as crows feet, smoker’s lines, or laugh lines.

Over time these fine lines or wrinkles become deeper. Deepening of wrinkles is due to many factors including, genetics, collagen loss, UV exposure and lifestyle.

For fine lines, the best treatments are superficial skin procedures like chemical peels and microneedling.

Chemical peels treat the skin by stimulation collagen superficially and removing dead skin. By removing dead skin, chemical peels allow skin care products to actually penetrate and work!!!

Chemical peels will also help to prevent fine lines from worsening.

Microneedling is a fantastic treatment that pierces the skin with tiny needles to stimulate the formation of collagen superficially. The device looks like a pen and the esthetician runs the pen over the skin allowing the needles to penetrate and cause mico wounds. The areas inbetween are not affected and the skin heals very quickly.

Microneedling is another excellent treatment for preventing the progression of fine lines and skin aging.

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