Botox Advantages

What are the advantages of Botox? Patients who have Botox injections experience less wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

For many patients friends and family will comment on how “refreshed” they look after having Botox injections.

Because Botox Cosmetic actually stops the CAUSE of select wrinkles, not only will you see improvement, but a PREVENTION of worsening wrinkles. And let’s face it, prevention is the key!

What will you look like 5 years from now? If you choose NOT to do something and NOT to have Botox injections, wrinkles are sure to get worse. If are concerned about how you will look in the future, start your Botox NOW!

Botox injections are quick, safe and FDA approved. Patients who have Botox injections regularly get the best results. Botox acts by relaxing the muscles that wrinkle up the face. It will take about 10 days for your Botox to work completely.

Dr. Keefe has 9 years of Botox injection experience. Call today for a consult!


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