Botox for Smokers’ Lines?

Do you have lines and wrinkles around your mouth area from smoking?

Perhaps you have never smoked but you notice lines around your lip area.

These lines are from anything that causes your lip muscles to contract like smoking, whistling, using straws and drinking from water bottles.

Botox can relax that muscle and reduce the severity of the lines. Botox will also PREVENT these lip lines, or Smokers’ lines from worsening.

Just a small amount a Botox Cosmetic is injected to both sides of the upper and lower lip to get a more youthful look. Your first Botox treatment for lip lines will usually be around 2-4 units. That’s only 1/2 to 1 unit in each area. This Botox will only last about 8 weeks, so we recommend getting a touch up when you are having your maintenance peels.

If you are just beginning to notice these lips lines, start getting Botox NOW. Don’t become a “pucker face” as you age. These lip lines will trap lipstick and age your face!!

lines around my mouth or “Smoker’s Lines”

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