Botox for Underarm Sweating

How does Botox for underarm sweating work?

The exact mechanism of action for Botox in the armpits is unknown.

We know that by injecting 100-200 units in the armpits reduces sweating significantly.
The Botox procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and is very comfortable.

Very tiny needles are used and there is almost NO bleeding.

Most patients remain dry for about 6 months. At your first Botox Underarm treatment we recommend starting with 100 units, or 50 units per armpit.

At your second visit, we highly suggest increasing to 75-100 units per armpit. For unknown reasons, the subsequent Botox treatments for sweating require a higher dosage of Botox.

Botox for underarm sweating is an excellent treatment for heavy sweating.
If you sweat a lot and are embarrassed by wet stains on your shirts, consider this wonderful
Botox treatment for sweating!!

Botox for Underarm Sweating

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