Can Microneedling make my skin look better?

Medical Microneedling is fast becoming the favorite collagen stimulating treatment at medspas.
We are seeing excellent results in just 2-3 treatments! Microneedling gently pushes tiny needles into the skin to create microscopic holes that causes a cascade of collagen-stimulatng events
in the skin. Studies show that skin treated with microneedling does have MORE collagen!
More collagen means firmer, smoother looking skin. Acne scars appear improved and overall reflexion is increased.
Dermapen treatments have very little downtime depending on how “deep” or agressive the patient wants the treatment to be. The deeper treatments will yield better results with just  a bit more redness!
Each Dermapen Medical Microneedling treatment takes only about 30 minutes.
The perfect year long regimen is: Dermapen x 2 + Thermage + Chemical Peels x 6
Call for a NO pressure and informative consult to see if Dermapen can help your skin!

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