How can I tighten my skin?

There are many non-surgical skin tightening devices currently on the market including Thermage and Ultherapy.
These skin tightening treatments heat the skin very deep and cause little wounds that heal over time. This healing occurs with MORE collagen formed.
Collagen loss is one of the main reasons for saggy skin. By age 50, you have lost HALF of the skin collagen you had at age 25.
Thermage uses radio frequency(RF) to delivery heat into the skin. This technology does not harm
the top layer, and is thus safe for any skin color.
Each Thermage skin tightening treatment takes only about 1 hour. It does hurt.
The tightening process, or development of new collagen takes about 4-6 months.
Thermage results are gradual and natural looking, and is an excellent way to SLOW down collagen loss!!
Even your arms and the crepey skin above your knees can be treated!
Call to see if you are a candidate!!

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