Dermapen Advanced Microneedling

How can I get rid of Acne scars?

Many patients ask this question, and while it is impossible to completely rid the skin of acne scarring, it can be improved!

In the past, “Resurfacing” meaning removing a portion of the skin surface was the the treatment of choice for acne scarring. Unfortunately, the results were not always great, but the complications could be.

Now, we have a new treatment called Dermapen. This advanced form of microneedling allows thousands of tiny holes to be needled into the skin surface. The depth of penetration is actually DEEPER than a laser treatment!

These tiny holes stimulate collagen formation that helps skin to appear smoother and feel firmer. The amazing thing about Dermapen treatments is that the downtime is minimal! For rejuvenation you may have no downtime or some redness for a day or two!

For acne scarring and fine lines, we can treat your more agressively, and you may be a bit red for a few days. You will not have swelling, oozing or pain associated with laser treatment for acne scarring.

Dermapen treatments can give you an immediate glow just a few days after your treatment. Most patients notice a nice improvement right away!

For acne scarring, about 6 Dermapne microneedling treatments are neede. Usually these treatments are about 6-8 weeks apart.

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