How do I get rid of redness?

When we see redness, we are actually seeing microscopic blood vessels in patches. To decrease redness, we need to shut down those tiny blood vessels.

The best treatment for redness or mild rosacea is fourfold;

  1. Use anti-redness creams. Avene is a company that specializes in redness and sensitive skin. A wonderful product called Avene Forte is perfect for daily use. Studies have shown that the extract in this product will cause tiny blood vessels to shrink. Some patients may need to see a dermatologist for Rx products for severe redness.
  2. Regular Salicylic acid peels. Salicylic acid is related to aspirin and tells the blood vessels not to be inflamed or engorged.
  3. PhotoFacials are intense pulsed light treatments that can actually shut down tiny blood vessels. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes for the entire face. 3-6 treatments are needed about 1 month apart. Photofacials also improve tone and texture have a very high satisfaction rate.
  4. Use a sunblock with micronized zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is an anti-inflammatory and will tell your blood vessels to remain calm. Micronized zince is an outstanding physical sunblock that will actually reflect away UVA/UVB rays. The sun stimulates blood vessels and causes redness to worsen, a sunblock is a must.

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