How Can I get Fuller Lips?

It’s easy to have fuller, more youthful lips! Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are injected into the lips to achieve more volume and give lips a sexy, pouty look!

In under 20 minutes you can have better, fuller lips!

While most people can have fuller lips, there are some patients who may have a certain “shape” that does NOT look good fuller. Dr. Keefe can help you with this to prevent “DUCK LIPS”. You know this look, it looks fake and unnatural.

Dr. Keefe will give you natural, full lips without making you look “odd”. Lipstick will look better, and the lines around the mouth will look better!

Combine the Juvederm fill injections with a small amount of botox, and your filler will last longer, and you lips will look fuller!

Call for a consultation to see if fuller lips are right for you!


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