How Can I Get Rid of My Underarm Sweating?

Underarm sweating can be very embarassing as it reveals giant wet spots on clothing
and stains shirts.

Many people try prescription topicals to reduce sweating, but these drugs often cause
a lot of irritation.

Botox can safely and easily be used to treat underarm sweating! You could be dry for
up to 6 months!

Botox is injected with tiny needles into the armpit and the entire treatment for underarm
sweating takes about 15 minutes!

Your first treatment is usually 50 units per armpit of botox cosmetic. After about 2 weeks
you will notice less sweating!

At your second treatment, you will probably notice that it does not last as long and you will
need more Botox for your sweating.

Try Botox for your underarm sweating and see if being dryer is for you!

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