How do get bigger, sexier lips?

Juvederm is perfect for filling lips! You can have fuller, more beautiful lips in about 30minutes with Juvederm filler.

Dr. Keefe is known for her natural injection technique and will not give you DUCK lips! Your consultation will include her expert opinion about your lips-the shape, size and proportion to your face!

Sometimes patients desire a lip look that is just not achievable with fillers, and the patient is injected by an inexperienced injector, and the look is “ducky” or “Marge Simpson”.

The lip area is complex and the anatomy along with facial symmetry must be understood in order to achieve a nice improvement.

Lips tend to thin and drop over time. This can be corrected with a filler like Juvederm and a neurotoxin like Botox. In fact Juveder + Botox is the perfect pair for the lips!

Call today for a Lip Filler consult and get fuller, more beautiful lips for yourself!


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