How Do I Get Rid of Large Pores?

Large pores and thick oily skin often go together. Some patients with large pores also have redness and acne.

Large pores are best treated with chemical peels. Salicylic acid peels are best for large pore, and in fact are also the gold standard treatment for Acne and Redness.

Chemical peels are professional treatments performed by an esthetician. Salicylic peels for Large pores take about 30 minutes and do create a burning feeling for several minutes.

How many chemical peels will I need to treat my large pores?
Results with chemical peels are usually evident after about 6. Large pores will begin to
decrease in size, and redness and acne will also decrease.

We are also seeing a significant improvement in large pores with the Dermapen Advanced
Medical Microneedling treatment. Most patients will need 2-4 Dermapen treatments.

Dermapen microneedling is a deeper treatment that goes perfectly with chemical peels.

Call for a consultation today to see if we can help with your large pores!

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