How do I get rid of lines around my mouth or “Smoker’s Lines”

Fine lines around the mouth are often called “Smoker’s Lines” and are the result of smoking, drinking from plastic water bottles or using straws. Your lip muscles contract around the the bottle or straw, and over time, the skin creases over itself, forming an etched in line or WRINKLE. As you age, the quality of the skin decreases, and these wrinkles become deeper and more noticable.

To improve and prevent these lines from worsening, we must focus on 3 things:

  1. The CAUSE
  2. Improve the QUALITY of the skin above the lip.
  3. Volume Loss

This requires;

  1. Botox injections just around the mouth to relax the muscle causing the lines.
  2. Filler for deep lines and firming and replacing lost volume above lip.
  3. Microneedling to stimulate lost collagen deep in the dermis.
  4. Chemical Peels to exfoliate dead skin and allow skin care products to go to work and to stimulate collagen superficially.
  5. At-home skin care products that work each day to to tell the skin to slow aging.
lines around my mouth or “Smoker’s Lines”

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