How do I get rid of my Melasma?

Melasma is a discoloration of the skin that is more common in women. In fact it canappear during pregnancy and is sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”.

This frustrating hyperpigmentation occurs deep in the dermis and requires a great strategy to combat.

This discoloration requires the following: Retinoid, Exfoliator, Anti Oxidants, Physical Sunblock, and Hydroquinone(Rx).

These 5 skin care products work so well together that they are also the key components to long-term anti-aging regimens. Likewise, if a patient is only using one or two products, the results are very disappointing.

In addition to above home regimen, professional in-office chemical peels are required. Melasma must be attacked at all angles, and you skip the chemical peels, you will be among the millions of patients who fail to treat Melasma correctly.

Gilbert Perfect Skin can help you with a Perfect Strategy to fight your Melasma and other skin discoloration. Your skin will begin to look more even, firmer and clearer. You will not have horrible down time!

Call for a consultation to get help treating your skin discoloration and melisma!

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