How Do I Get Rid Of Smokers Lines?

Smokers lines or peri-oral lines are wrinkles that form on the lips from using the muscle that encircles the mouth.

Smokers get these wrinkles from constantly wrapping their lips around cigarettes and using the muscle.

This is the same reason why drinking from plastic water bottles is bad.

It is all about the muscle contraction and thinning skin in this area.

There are two nice treatments that can not only improve the appearance of Smokers’ Lines, but also prevent them from WORSENING.

  • Botox. A small dose of botox will relax the muscle contraction.
  • A small amount of filler like Juvederm or Belotero will thicken up, firm up and fill in lines around the mouth.

Botox around the mouth for Smokers’ Lines must be injected regularly!! The filler will last for months and maybe a year or two.

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