How do I treat wrinkles around my lips, or “smokers’ lines”?

Treating lip lines that are severe depends on the patient’s expectation. If you want the
lines “gone” you will need deep skin resurfacing with either a laser, chemicals or dermabrasion(not to be mistaken for microdermabrasion).

These resurfacing procedures are painful and require weeks and months to heal. These procedures may also result in an unnatural appearing skin condition where the skin appears white and waxy looking, or the skin may ever discolor a darker color.

For some patients, using a combo of fillers and Botox can significantly improve the appearance of smokers lines. When Juvederm filler is placed with a micro-needle technique utilized by Dr. Keefe, the fine lines can improve. Tiny amounts of filler are placed with a tiny needle into each line individually. This must be repeated 2-3 times about 4-8 weeks apart.

Botox is then injected in very small doses to calm that muscle around the mouth. Remember, it is the muscle contraction around that mouth that causes the lines! Just look in your mirror and tighten your lips hard! If you see lines, you can see how your muscle causes it!

The Botox Cosmetic will weaken this muscle which will help prevent the lines from worsening. You must consider how you want these lines to appear 1-5 years from now! Start Botox around your mouth now and be Proactive! Sometimes this Botox around your lips can even make your lips appear fuller and younger!

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lines around my mouth or “Smoker’s Lines”

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