How To Get Rid of Skin Discoloration or Melasma

How do I get rid of brown patches on my skin? Many patients suffer from skin discoloration called Melasma. This type of skin discoloration is deep in the skin and should NOT be treated with a PhotoFacial.

These deep brown patches or “pregnancy mask” must be treated with a combition of products and professional treatments. Excellent results can achieved!

The 5 must-do products are:

  1. Retinoid
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Antioxidant
  4. Physical Sunblock
  5. Rx Bleacher or Hydroquinone

The Must-do professional treatments are:

Chemical Peels

  • Our peels are specially formulated to create minimal peeling and redness.
  • Peels must be obtained regularly, and continuously!! Get your chemical peel
  • EVERY 4-8 weeks to get great results!

This combination is absolutely critical to decreasing the discoloration in your skin. The great news is that this regimen is also ANTI-AGING!!!! You will begin to notice improved texture, smaller pores, and your skin will start to glow as the brown the patches begin to improve!!

The important thing to remeber is to NEVER treat this condition with a PhotoFacial or a Laser!! It can WORSEN a few months later!

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