Juvederm Filler

Wrinkles and lines around the eyes, mouth and nose can add years to our appearance. Often as the skin ages it not only loses elasticity but becomes severely dehydrated not only on the surface but in the deeper layers as well. Achieving youthful, firm and smooth skin is a great way of dramatically improving our looks and regaining the skin’s natural glow. Juvederm, a wrinkle-filler that is largely based on hyaluronic acid, can help with wrinkles and lines while offering a non-surgical solution to aging skin.

Juvederm is hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler that can take off years from the patient’s appearance. Juvederm’s secret lies in hyaluronic acid’s ability to absorb 1000 times its own weight in water and to bind to the skin’s natural collagen. The result is more volume underneath the wrinkle lines, smoother and overall tighter skin. Juvederm works best for smile lines (the fold running from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth) as well as other facial wrinkles but can be used to improve the appearance of facial scars too.

One of the advantages of Juvederm filler is that it does not involve any complicated anesthesia or long time spent in the operating theatre. The whole procedure typically lasts around 15 minutes and patients can get back to their normal lives straight afterwards. As opposed to surgical procedures there is no long recovery time. Though there is no way to avoid some discomfort while injecting the filler the practitioner might offer to use topical anesthetics to make the procedure more comfortable. After the procedure some redness or swelling may occur but should disappear within a few hours after the treatment. Results of Juvederm filler can last up to a year after which a top up procedure is recommended to maintain long lasting, natural and beautiful results.

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