Liquid Lift

Voluma & Juvederm Pricing

Juvederm & Voluma injected ONLY by Dr. Keefe.
Look a few years younger in just 45 minutes! The Liquid Lift is a super combination of injectable fillers Juvederm & Voluma with Botox Cosmetic. Precise placement of dermal filler into deep lines, thinning skin, bony hollows, and superficial wrinkles can restore that look of a few years ago. If you have “lost air out of your balloon”, this procedure can fill it back up!

Not ready for a face lift or other cosmetic surgery? Try a Liquid Lift.
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Gilbert Perfect Skin is a unique provider for Voluma in the Phoenix metro area.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.


Voluma and Juvederm can firm sagging areas by thickening up skin that has lost collagen. Fillers will also slow the rapid wrinkle formation we face over time. Volumizing flat cheeks can lift the cheeks in a subtle and natural look and feel.

Botox Cosmetic will control the very muscle movements that cause certain wrinkles on the face.

Botox, Voluma and Juvederm are temporary in nature. This allows placement of these products to change as your face changes with aging.

With regularly scheduled treatments, most patients notice a continued improvement over time!!

If you are not ready to have that face lift or other cosmetic surgery procedure, or if your face lift is no longer “lifting”, try a Liquid Lift!

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