How Much does Botox cost?

Botox is very effective for improving the appearance of wrinkles in the face. The most common area for Botox injections is between the brows, or the Glabella area.

Botox Injections in the Glabella usually require 15-30 units, 20 on average. Our price for Botox per unit is $10.50, so at 20 units, the Glabella treatment is $210.

Because Botox effects are temporary, treatments must be repeated about every 3-4 months for most people.

Botox for crows feet, or the wrinkles around your eyes that form when you smile, require about 20-30 units also. Forehead wrinkles may require 2-25 units depending on how big your forhead is, and how developed your muscles are!

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