PhotoFacials are light based treatments(intense pulsed light) that significantly reduce the signs of sun damage including brown spots and redness.

Most patients will need about 1-3 treatments which take about 30 minutes. We treat the entire face to give you the best results.

Unfortunately, “deal of the day” treatments are not providing this. Patients are being sold a full face treatment but only receiving a SPOT treatment.

Our PhotoFacials are administered with the Sciton BBL, THE Gold Standard for Intense Pulsed Light. Our expert esthetician treats the ENTIRE face to lift visible and the hidden brown spots.
Your entire face will also benefit from collagen stimulation, decreased pore size and less redness.

Maintaining your results is critical to having great skin. After your PhotoFacial treatments, getting your light chemical peels every 4-6 weeks will continue to strengthen your skin, lighten brown spots and decrease redness. After a few months our skin can appear incredible!!


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