Should I get a facelift?

More and more patients are comtemplating cosmetic procedures. And more and more patients are confused about the many choices available.
Cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures can provide excellent results for the right patients. Surgical Facelifts can provide more dramatic and longer lasting results, but many patients are frightened off by the risks of surgery. Surgery and general anesthesia naturally hold higher risks for infection, scarring, and even death. One risk is the potential for dissatisfaction. Sometimes patients just aren’t happy with their facelift results. For many patients, a facelift is too costly.
For many people, cosmetic procedures including Botox and cosmetic fillers are a nice alternative to a facelift. These procedures can also enhance the results of a facelift. By calming the excessive muscle contractions that cause wrinkles, Botox may actually extend the duration of facelift results. Cosmetic fillers thicken and firm skin in just the right places, reducing the effect of volume loss.
Volume loss is the new cosmetic surgery buzz word. As we age, we lose volume in all of tissues. That means your facial bones and muscles are decreasing in size, and your fat and skin layers are getting thinner!! This gives you more loose skin and wrinkles. Current facial plastic surgery techniques also address this volume loss in addition to cutting and lifting.
For some patients, trying fillers(Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse) and Botox before going under the knife is a great option. Sometimes the results from fillers and Botox are enough, and the facelift can wait!

Gilbert Perfect Skin provides services such as these alternatives to Surgery and facelifts for the Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Queen Creek and surrounding areas.

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