Thermage Skin Tightening

You may of heard of Thermage Skin Tightening or Thermalift. This unique treatment utilizes radio frequency energy to delivery heat deep into the dermis to build collagen.

Collagen has been identified as one of the most important components of firm, healthy skin. When you are 50, you have only 1/2 of the collagen you had at age 25.

Because younger skin responds or makes more collagen than older skin, it is wise to start getting Thermage Skin Tighteing treatments when you are in your 30’s-40’s—–PREVENTION is the best medicine!!!

The truth is, most women seek help with sagging when they are older than 50. In this case, we evaluate your skin to see if you are a good candidate for Thermage. We have treated many patients over 60 who have noticed great results with Thermage Skin Tightening.

Thermage Skin tightening takes about 90 minutes and there is no downtime. Any skin type may be treated. We recommend a treatment every 2 years starting at age 35-40 and every year after 45.


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