Thermage Skin Tightening and the science behind it

A Thermage treatment utilizes the energy of radio frequency. This energy delivers HEAT deep into the dermis and connective tissues.

The heat stimulates NEW collagen synthesis. The cooling tip of the Thermage delivers precise cooling to the top layer of skin to protect it from the heat energy. We only want the heat to penetrate into deep tissues, not the superficial skin.

Thermage skin tightening relies on many pulses concentration on strategic areas of the face. 1200 pulses are used for the face and upper neck. Each pulse delivers radio frequency charged pulse of heat very precisely.

Over about 4-6 months, these treated areas begin to generated NEW collagen. Patients begin to see the firming effects of Thermage.
Each Thermage treatment takes about 45 minutes. For a more robust collagen-stimulating response, we add Advanced medical microneedling at the same appoinment.

Microneedling stimulates collagen more superficially than Thermage, but still goes deep!

skin tightening

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