Treating Undereye Wrinkles

Wrinkles under and around the eyes usually appear at about age 30 and after. For most people, Botox Cosmetic can be injected around the crow’s feet for a softer look!
The muscular contractions around and under the eyes of often hyperactive, and cause the delicate skin to fold over, or “wrinkle”.
These wrinkles around the eyes become deeper over time, and trap makeup and cause shadows. If the eye wrinkles are due to too much muscle contraction, Botox can relax the muscle, and lessen the wrinkle. The bonus is that as Botox is continued, the wrinkles look better and better.
The very fine lines under the eyes require a powerful anti-aging cream like Tretinoin cream ( Retin A). This prescription topical has more cosmetic skin studies than any other cream.
Skin Tightening has proven to be very effective for some patients with wrinkles around the eyes. Skin Tyte by Sciton uses Infrared energy to remodel collagen and give a firm apperance after about 4-6 fifteen minute treatments.
For many patients, regular professional microdermabrasions or chemical peels and Botox combined with a home regimen of the appropriate anti aging creams can yield nice results over time. Treating under eye wrinkles requires  a consistent program.
Sometimes, the extra skin around the eyes just needs surgery called “Blepharoplasty”. See a cosmetic surgeon that you trust for this procedure.
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