Ulthera Skin Lifting

As we age our skin can often start looking lifeless and dull resulting in a haggard, “tired” appearance. Facial skin, especially the jaw-line and neck area can become loose and saggy while wrinkles, deep lines and a crape-like web of fine lines can make an appearance. Aging is not the only factor in the condition of our skin, sun damage, an unbalanced diet as well as a stressful lifestyle can all add years to the look and feel of our skin leaving us feeling like our appearance doesn’t match the youthfulness we feel inside. Some patients turn towards more drastic approaches in tackling the problem such as plastic surgery or deep chemical peels. However, there is a minimally invasive but incredibly effective solution that can deliver wonderful, natural looking results without the inconvenience and extensive cost of more aggressive procedures. Ulthera Skin Lifting is a non-surgical way to tighten, tone and lift sagging skin without the inconvenience of a long recovery period and with minimal risks involved. Ulthera Skin Lifting can also be the perfect solution for patients who are after a more subtle, natural final result without any mask-like overly tight skin. Patients who undergone Ulthera Skin Lifting often talk about the wonderful feeling of being constantly complemented on their looks without the world actually knowing that they had any “work done”. For beautiful, natural-looking, safe results Ulthera Skin Lifting is the answer.

What is Ulthera Skin Lifting?

During an Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure the main goal is to stimulate the skin’s own natural collagen production with the use of ultrasound energy. Collagen is one of our body’s most important structural proteins, making up three quarters of our skin. It provides a web like supportive structure for our skin making it appear plump, smooth and youthful. Unfortunately with age the natural collagen production of the skin slows down leaving the skin appear lifeless and deflated. Ulthera Skin lifting works by utilizing the collagen-boosting properties of ultrasound energy in the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen and turning back the clock on our skin’s feel and appearance. There are no needles or harsh chemicals involved in the Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure, your specialist will simply glide the Ultherapy nozzle across your skin to deliver ultrasound energy in the deep layers of your skin. It is important to point out that there is no need for general anesthetic for an Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure therefore the risks associated with going under can be avoided too. Ulthera Skin Lifting can also be a great solution for patients suffering from underlying and chronic conditions that prevent them from undergoing plastic surgery.

What to expect during an Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure?

The first step in an Ulthera Skin Lifting session is a detailed appointment with a certified Ultherapy practitioner. During this initial session the practitioner will discuss any concerns the patient might have with their skin and will assess whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure. In addition, the practitioner will give a realistic idea about the results the patient can expect and will give an overview of the procedure. Though Ulthera Skin Lifting is not considered to be painful by most patients, some people might experience some discomfort and if a patient is particularly sensitive to pain the practitioner might suggest taking an over-the-counter pain killer just before the start of the treatment. At the start of the treatment the practitioner will cleanse the patient’s skin and will apply an ultrasound gel that helps the Ultherapy machine’s nozzle glide across the skin. The first step of the procedure is ultrasound imaging, in essence mapping the patient’s skin to see where exactly the ultrasound energy should be delivered for maximum effect. As the practitioner delivers the ultrasound energy into the deep layers of the skin patients could experience a slight tingling sensation that will only last as long as the energy is delivered. An average Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure lasts around 60-90 minutes. After the treatment patients can go straight back to their day to day activities. Some patients may experience a little redness or swelling immediately following the procedure but this should disappear within a few hours. The results of Ulthera Skin Lifting become noticeable usually around 2-3 weeks after the procedure but their full effect develops 6 months after the procedure. Results can last up to a few years depending on at what rate the patient’s body keeps producing collagen.

Why is Ulthera Skin Lifting better than a surgical face lift?

One of the great advantages of Ulthera Skin Lifting versus a surgical face lift is that Ulthera Skin Lifting is minimally invasive and there is no downtime involved. While surgery requires patients to go through a long and often painful healing process, Ulthera Skin Lifting only takes 60-90 minutes and patients are free to return to their day straight after the procedure. In addition, although like with every medical procedure Ulthera Skin Lifting also involves some risks, these are negligible compared to the possible complications and risks involved with surgical facelift. Finally, the Ulthera Skin Lifting procedure does not involve any scalpels, needles or abrasive chemicals and leaves no scars on the skin.

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