What is a Photofacial or FotoFacial?

A photofacial is a skin treatment utilizing “intense pulsed light” or IPL. This intense light energy targets red and brown pigment and heats it up, breaking it down so that your skin can shed it.

Photofacial is thus able to treat brown spots from past sun damage, and reduces the redness in skin.

How many photofacials will i need? Most patients will need 1-3 Photofacial treatments for sundamage.

For redness, most patients will need 3-4 per year.

What is a photofacial treatment like? Each photofacial takes about 30 minutes. Multiple pulses are delivered over the entire face. This treatment stings. Patients leave feeling a bit “on fire” for about an hour, with very pink or red skin.

After a photofacial, your skin will be pink for several days, and will form little brown coffee-ground like spots after a few days. This is the broken down pigment, ready to shed.

You may apply makeup about a day after your photofacial or IPL treatment.

Treating brown spots and sun damage requires an excellent at-home skin care regimen and regular in-office chemical peels. Maintaining amazing photofacial results means being commited to this.

Many patients achieve excellent Photofacial results only to regain the brown spots by exposing their skin to sun , and by not following the skin care/chemical peel program.


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