What is a Photofacial or Fotofacial?

A photofacial is a facial treatment that utilizes “intense pulsed light”(IPL). This IPL energy targets the two pigments, melanin and hemoglobin.

Melanin causes brown spots and patches and hemoglobin is present in your tiny blood vessels. These tiny blood vessels make up

A PhotoFacial treatment breaks up the melanin and it is released at the surface of your skin. The energy from the Photofacial destroys tiny blood vessels, reducing redness.

Your skin will be red, and any brown spots will become very dark and a little “scabby”. For about a week, it will appear as though you have a severe sun burn after your Photofacial or IPL.

A PhotoFacial is not for all patients. If you tan very easily, it may not be for you. You must commit to staying out of the sun after a photofacial, and use sunscreen and a sound skin care regimen indefinitely.


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