What is Dermapen or Medical Microneedling?

Dermapen or Rejuvapen are brand names for medical microneedling. Medical microneedling involves treating the skin with tiny needles to create microscopic holes. When these holes heal, collagen is stimulated.

This non invasive procedure is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic medicine. With medical microneedling, we can treat much deeper than with a laser, with much less down time.

The average down time includes redness for one hour to one week depending on the depth of the treatment. Some patients experience pinpoint bleeding and very mild swellin for a few hours.

Most patients will require 2-3 Dermapen treatments per year for maintenance and 3-5 for treating fine lines and acne scars.

Medical microneedling is an excellent adjunct to Thermage Skin Tightening or Ulthera Skin Lifting

Most patients report more luminous skin within a week!.


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