Which skin care products work?

It can be very confusing for any Botox, Juvederm, or photofacial patient to make
decisions about which skin care products to purchase.

How does one sort through the misleading ads, and find the truth?

Dr. Keefe takes the time to read the studies of skin care products, and the ingredients. We have found that brands like PCA, Skinmedica, Neova (procyte) and Glytone to have very good studies and track records.

Not all products have good studies or offer great benefit. This is why we only carry select items from Skinmedica,Neova, Procyte, Glytone, Avene, and PCA.

At Gilbert Perfect Skin we don’t want to see a patient waste time and money on products that don’t work . We often see patients who jump from store brand to brand and spend a great deal of money at the Nordstrom counter. These patients do not enjoy visible improvements in their skin discoloration, texture or sundamage over time, despite having regular Botox injections.

Choosing skin care products that actually improve your skin like PCA, Skinmedica, Avene, procyte, Neova, and Glytone equires expert advice. It will save you money and your skin.

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