Botox for sweating

Does Botox work for underarm sweating? Yes! Botox works wonders for underarm sweating. Most patients see a significant decrease in armpit sweating for about 5-6 months.
Botox underarm sweating treatments are fast and easy. In about 20 minutes, you too could be fresh and dry.

Botox is injected with a very tiny needle into the armpit and in about 2 weeks you will begin notice much less sweating.

How many units are used for Botox underarm sweating treatments? Your first treatment usually consists of 100 units, or 50 unit of Botox per armpit.

More than half of patients will notice that the second treatment of only 100 units does not last 6 months, and 150-200 units of Botox is suggested at subsequent treatments.

If you are tired wet, smelly armpits try Botox for underarm sweating.

Botox for Underarm Sweating

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