How do I treat Melasma?

Melasma CAN be effectively treated for most patients! Treatment for melasma incorporates products that have also been proven to act as anti-aging treatments. For this reason, many melasma sufferers will report significant overall improvement in their skin with with an appropriate skin care regimen.
Treating melasma usually requires the “big 5?:
Retin A (Rx)
Hydroquinone 4-6% (Rx)
Glycolic Acid
Vitamin C
Zinc/Titanium dioxide sunscreen
These 5 topicals in a home regimen are actually quite easy once you start. When used in a stacking or layering method, you get great results in a steady, safe manner. For more dramatic  results try the Melanage Peel. This peel is considered moderate, but will correct melasma quick, and give you nice medium-depth chemical peel too.
The Melanage peel does require about 2 weeks of “downtime” or  redness & peeling. A maintenance kit with a cream mixture (hydroquine rx strength, and retinol) is provided with each peel.
With either method, you must stay out of the sun when you have Melasma, and use zinc sunscreen everyday, rain or shine!

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