How does Botox help with wrinkles?

Most wrinkles are the result of the skin folding over itself when the facial muscles contract. By injecting Botox into the muscles that cause the wrinkle we can decrease the wrinkle and sometimes get rid of it.

For most patients over 40, however, the lines won’t go away completely, but the improvement is very noticeable.
The best reason to get Botox, which is misunderstood by most patients is that you won’t contract that muscle and look angry to people as you are talking or working on your computer.
Treating the area between the brows usually requires 20-30 Botox units for a woman, every 90 days. That is about $200-300 each time.
Here at Gilbert Perfect Skin, Dr.Lisa Keefe has been injecting Botox for over 11 years, and is the only injector.
We are a participant of the Brilliant Distinctions reward program for Botox by Allergan. This program allows you to earn points with Botox treatments that save you money.
botox for eyes

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