How do I get rid of Skin Tags?

Botox is usually sold by the unit. Here at Gilbert Perfect Skin, we charge 10.75 per unit and the most popular glabella area is typically 20 units. This means most patients pay about $215 every 90 days on average to keep the between the brow “scowl” at bay!

With each added area of the face, more Botox units are used, and the price will increase.
Other factors that increase Botox treatment price include;
Patient Preference-
If a patient desires no movement or a more frozen look.
Patients that metabolize Botox sooner.
Patients with larger muscles.

For patients who use higher doses, we offer 100 units at $975.00, which will save the patient $1 per unit! This is in addition to the Allergan rewards program!


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