Laser Hair Removal Gilbert Perfect Skin Laser Center

For Facial wrinkles and underarm sweating

At Gilbert Perfect Skin Laser Center, we utilize both the Nd:Yag 1064 laser and the Broad Band Light system to treat all skin types safely. Each patient is individually evaluated to determine the appropriate treatment. Laser hair removal works best on patients with dark hair and light skin. Most patients enjoy a 50-90% reduction of hair with several laser hair removal treatments.

For darker skinned and tanned patients, the 1064 laser hair removal system is the safest option. This laser targets components deep in the hair shaft, sparing the surrounding skin. Most patients will require 6-12 treatments.

For lighter skinned individuals, we use the Broad Band Light or Intense Pulse Light system.

Laser hair removal treatments at Gilbert Perfect Skin usually start at 6 weeks apart and time between treatments increases from there. Because laser hair removal can be painful, we have prescription numbing cream available to purchase.

For best results, the less sun exposure or tanning, the better. If you have a hormonal disorder like Polycystic Ovarian disease, laser hair removal may not work for you. During your consultation, our physician may recommend further evaluation by your primary care doctor based on your medical history, before beginning any laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal prices at Gilbert Perfect Skin are determined by area and size of area being treated. During your consultation, our esthetician will discuss these details with you.

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