National Rosacea Month

April is National Rosacea Month!

IF your skin is chronically red and you are asking yourself, “How do I treat my red skin?” you may have Rosacea.

There are a few types of rosacea, and the best place to start is with your dermatologist. A dermatologist can diagnose and treat rosacea, and your insurance may pay for this.

If you are not getting results with your dermatologist, you may need additional help. We can treat you with Photofacials, and specialized peels and products for redness.

Photofacials for redness shut down the superficial tiny blood vessels and you will need 3-5 of these treatments.

Rosacea Chemical peels target blood vessels’ inflammatory process and reduce redness.

Avene products are used at home and contain extracts that also tell the skin NOT to form new blood vessels, and calms the blood vessels already visible.

Larger blood vessels on the face are treated with a 1064 laser. These treatments are admistered by Dr. Keefe.

Call today for an informative, NO PRESSURE consults about your skin redness or rosacea.

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