Skin Tags

What are Skin Tags? Why do I have Skin Tags? How can I get rid of my skin tags?

Skin tags are benign skin growths that can affect anyone.
Dermatologists just do not know why we get skin tags. Acrochordons, or Skin tags can
appear anywhere. Skin tags are usually tan or brown in color but can be dark brown. You should have these skin lesions checked by your dermatologist to ensure that it is not a precancerous lesion.

Skin tags can be easily removed if you are bothered by them. At Gilbert Perfect Skin, Dr. Keefe uses Radio Frequency to burn off skin tags. This technique is much better thab freezing them off with liquid nitrogen.
Multiple skin tags in multiple areas can be removed at a one appointment.
We usually supply you with numbing ointment to apply about one hour before your tag removal.
Some larger skin tags will be injected with a numbing agent by Dr. Keefe prior to being removed.

Skin Tag removal starts at $195.
Call for a Skin Tag consult today. 480-987-4195

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