What do chemical peels do?

Chemical peels are treatments that:

  1. Exfoliate: Peels chemically soften the cemented bonds between old, dead cells so that they can be shed from the skin. This will reveal new, fresh skin.
  2. Decrease discoloration: Chemical peels can be designed to tell your cells to stop making brown pigment. This lessens the brown spots and patches.
  3. Improve Redness: Chemical peels can be anti-inflammatory. This means a chemical peel treatment can tell your skin to calm down and quit making new little broken blood vessels. You skin can look less red and blotchy.
  4. Decrease large pores: Peels normalize the way your follicles work so that they quit enlarging to produce oil. This means your large pores will decrease in size.
  5. Decrease Acne pimples: Many peel treatments are combinations of chemicals to address the many issues that are common to our skin.

Because your dermis is alive and constantly shedding, peels must be obtained
regularly or you will not notice an improvement.

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