What is a skin tag?

The medical term for a skin tag is acrochordon. These soft, benign lesions can grow almost anywhere! Skin tags are often on a “stalk” or pedunculated, or sometimes appear flat. Sometimes skin tags are hyperpigmented or are brown and are not just flesh colored. Many patients have several skin tags scattered or even huddled together! Sometimes they are bothersome because they catch on zippers, bras, ect. If you are not sure, have your primary care doctor or dermatologist take a look at it. Here at Gilbert Perfect Skin, Dr. Keefe frequently removes skin tags from patients. Using an Ellman Radiofrequency cautery device, she can easily and quickly remove your skin tags, almost never leaving a scar!! 

Call for a consultation to see if you have a skin tag that can be conveniently removed for you! 480-987-4195

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